• Introduction to Lab Center
  • Background of Establishment and Necessity
  • We specialize in development and manufacture of equipment related to mobile parts by processing metal (AL and others) materials. Our commitment is to meet customer needs in pursuit of diversity in mobile design and color through curved surface processing technology and surface treatment (Anodizing). In addition, we plan to set up and operate a business-affiliated lab center by allocating related skilled manpower to reduce costs and boost competitiveness by means of precision in size and stability through jig development for each related product.
  • Functions to Handle
  • 1) Research on CNC processing technology
    ("R" shape processing, curved surface processing, C- CUT processing)

    2) Development of CNC processing jig
  • Specialized Research Areas
  • 1) CNC processing program development for shortening processing time

    2) Research on technologies for preventing cutting edges from scratching by a processing chip

    3) Development of processing bit shape (Simultaneous processing technology of C-CUT and ground)
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